An Ancient Design

I have my book in my lap, my tools in front of me and I am ready to learn and start crafting this awesome, Egyptian inspired necklace.

I finish cutting all my wire, 21 pieces of silver coated copper wire all 6.5 inches long.  Curling the ends with a round nose plier, I begin my spirals.  As I sit here working, curling my wires, my husband is playing the new Halo Reach game and my son is asleep in the next room; everything seems right.  As the night progresses, I start to get into the groove; curling, bending, and shaping wire into a nice chain link bracelet.

With a little more than a third done, I am called to watch a tv show with Dave.  Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.  Travel Channel has some interesting shows, although, we only watch the ghosty kinds.  Having seen another show, Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures seems a little less scary and more cheesy.  The show was about hauntings in Gettysburg, PA, which one would think would be teeming with ghostly activity.  The real creep factor came at the end when they used an Infrared camera to capture a figure walking across the railroad tracks and stop, then prepare to shoot a gun!  Possibly a civil war ghost? Or just a Civil War reenactor?  No one will ever know.

I will post again to show you the finished product when I am done, of course.  Until next time, happy crafting 🙂


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