Old Times….

I have often wondered recently what our world would be like if more people created things.  Would we be better people, kinder and more giving?  Would we be less materialistic?  Would we have less wars and fights?  I think the answer to all these are YES!

I have found making items for others very therapeutic.  I would like to build a successful home business and have family be a part of that business.  I feel I can do some good in this world by expressing myself creatively through jewelry and crochet.  Giving to the needy and supporting my family at the same time is the ultimate goal.  With God’s help, this may come to pass.

Oh how I long for days gone by, where friends would help friends, neighbors helped neighbors, and communities were small but perfect.  Days when long forgotten arts; like crochet, knitting, and sewing, were common place and done in little societies for women.  How I wish I could live in a community of women who take care of their own children, not a daycare, used their talents for the good of others and advancement of their families, and were the rulers of their domain-the home!


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