Wire Crochet bracelet

My mother in law came to me asking for a bracelet.  Her only stipulation was it had to be purple.  With all the possibilities out there I started playing with the idea of a purple bangle with silver wrapping.  As it turns out, that was WAY harder than I anticipated.  So when I stumbled upon a necklace that was crocheted, I was ecstatic! I knew exactly what to do!

I called my MIL and asked if this would work.  She loved the idea.  I went straight to the craft store and bought the supplies to make my first crochet jewelry piece.  I started working later that night and quickly realized I hated the design that was forming infront of me.  So I cut all the beads out of the work and started over.  Luckily, it only took one more time trying before I got the look I was going for.


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