Building a pattern inventory

I have been in a sort of lull with LBD business.  Although, my MIL is ordering things here and there, it certainly isn’t enough to pay a bill, let alone all the bills; not that I expected it to.  So, during this lull I have decided to make the most of the free time.  I have been scouring the internet, trying to find those patterns that fit what I feel is my style.  I found a few :).

I discovered recently and quickly became addicted to it.  Looking through all the patterns, and seeing others achievements is inspiring!  I am humbled by the other peoples creativity and skill!  I only wish I was as good as half the crafters there.  There is also a blog I am following now, She does amazing work!  And her stuff is cute, and right up my alley.  I purchased a few of her patterns: The Brimley Hat, Killian’s Owl Hat, Toddler/Child Slippers, Oma House Slippers, and Buccaneer Booties.  They are sweet!  I can’t wait for someone to want/order/need something so I can make them! The cute little Buccaneer Booties can be made into Mary Jane Style Slippers for little girls too! I am currently working on a Brimley Hat for myself and will post pics once it is done.

Items in order as listed above:

Brimley Hat PDF Crochet Pattern (Sizes Newborn to Adult)    Killian's Owl Hat PDF Crochet Pattern (Sizes Newborn to Adult)    Toddler/Child Slippers PDF Pattern
Oma House Slippers PDF Pattern (sizes 3-12) Nothing fancy Buccaneer Booties PDF Pattern (Sizes Newborn to 18 mo.)

I wanted to close this post with a very huge thank you to all the incredibly clever and talented people out there who share their patterns with those who aren’t that good yet, and thank them for being so gracious with their brain children 🙂


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