New Amigurumi Finished!

Phew!  That was a long haul.  I was recently commissioned to make a 12″ crochet doll for a friend I used to work with.  This is the finished product:  A little tan baby girl in a pink short sleeve dress.  She has on pink and white tights and little brown ballet slipper shoes.  On the bottom I felted “love you” in pink and red.  Little brown eyes and magenta lips.  Cute sweeping bangs and loose pig tails.  Super cute, thank you for the pattern Mamachee*Crochet makes me Happy!


2 thoughts on “New Amigurumi Finished!

  1. Sara

    Thanks Ruth! It definitely was quite a bit of work. That was the largest Amigurumi I have made to date. Working just in the evenings it took me about 6 hours! But I love the way she turned out!


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