I love….

I love many things; Crocheting, knitting, baking, playing video games, all of them are very enjoyable!  So many things demand the time of a mother/entrepreneur and finding time to do the things that need doing and balancing that with time for myself can be very daunting!  I am trying to find a rhythm and I think I have found my solution… maybe. 🙂

I have “decided” to “work” four days a week, Monday-Thursday, and take the weekend off.  I need some me time; time to spend with my husband and son and also time to work on new and exciting things!  I also decided I will take two months a year and close my shop just to work on new things.  My pattern is starting to sell (thank the Lord!) and I feel that is going to be the way to get my little business really thriving.  So I need to start writing and creating little things, but with all the orders that have been coming in (thank you each and every customer!) I haven’t had time to do any experimenting or create anything new 😦  So with my new schedule I hope to remedy that.

Effective March 1st, LBDFxbg will not take any custom orders until April 1st.  This will allow me to create new things for everyone and I can broaden my catalog for all! Yay! If you’d like any items that need to be done for March, please submit them no later than February 19th so I can have them done for you asap.  Thanks for bearing with me as I get all the kinks wrinkled out of this crazy construction faze of LBD 🙂

Happy Valentines Day and hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved ones!

Until next time!


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