Under the weather

Happy Spring!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring day.  It was storming and thundering here this morning, and woke my son up at 7am!  While this is not a problem normally since I have to get up at 7:15 anyway, today it was NOT welcome.  I needed those extra 15 minutes!

I have had a sore throat since Friday and it has been getting progressively worse.  My husband worried about me so much he made a doctors appointment for me this morning; He was convinced I had strep throat.  A trip to the doctors office and a co-pay later, no strep.  I have terrible post nasal drip and, according to the doc, my throat looks like a cobblestone road!  So I have to gargle with salt water and take tylenol/motrin until I feel better.

My son came with me to the appointment and once we got into the room proceeded to freak out!  He thought we were there for him.  He has such a good memory; he thought he was going to get a shot!  Lucky for him, it was all about me today :$  Thankfully my check up went well, I have lost about 5 pounds and my blood pressure is spot on, YAY!

Here is hoping you all stay above the weather this spring.  May all the yuckies pass your home by.

Until next time 🙂


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