Too Cute… Case

I have been searching for some new crochet hooks for a little while now and I thought I settled on a set on Etsy.  They are gorgeous, cute, and fun! I asked my husband to buy these for me for my birthday.  I was totally ready to plunk down the money to purchase those hooks and crochet to my happy hands content 🙂  Then I realized it was a ton of money for those hooks!  Plus, I am a SAHM and not really contributing to the family’s income; at least not enough to warrant a large purchase on crochet hooks.

Now, for my birthday I did get some nice gift card and my sweet, sweet husband ordered the new iPad 2 for the family as all our birthday presents for this year.  As stoked as I am to get it, mid April, I still don’t have any new crochet hooks.  So, I took one of my gift cards and purchased a new set of crochet hooks.  I am super psyched to get them in, but they are back ordered until mid April.  Mid April is going to be super awesome for new things!

Since I ordered new hooks my old case isn’t going to work anymore.  My new hooks are the kind with a bamboo handle to make it easier on my hands when I work.  But they aren’t going to fit into my little case.  Then I remembered I saw the cutest little case on a blog I follow.  They did a tutorial on how to sew a crochet hook case.  Super awesome and super cute!  I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and purchased my fabric.  I am so excited to start working on the new case!  Here is the fabric I chose…

I precut my pieces and all I have to do now is wait for my hooks to get here so I can measure out how big my spaces need to be for the hook pocket.  I will post on this again once I have the organizer/case completed 🙂

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Too Cute… Case

  1. Incognito

    This is exactly what I need, the Glad bag I had been using shredded just the other day and all my crochet hooks fell to the bottom of my bag. I am interested in ordering one! Yay!

  2. Sara

    I will definitely get with you once this one is done. I just received notification my hooks were already shipped so hopefully early next week I will be able to post a start to finish photo collection. We can talk about making one for you too 🙂


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