Too Cute Tuesday

Maybe I am just partial, but my son it too cute.  He never ceases to amaze me with the things he will do and “say”.  I put “say” in quotation marks because, despite being sharper than I am, he refuses to speak.  But recently he has been saying little things like “oh yeah”, and “I do!”.  But the newest (and oldest) is E.T..  Thats right, E.T.; as in the alien everyone loved from the 80’s.

My husband is a huge E.T. fan and has a two foot tall E.T. doll.  Once my son was mobile my husband gave it to him, since he seemed to love it so much.  He started making E.T. like word noises but I argued that he wasn’t saying E.T…. but apparently I was wrong!  Tonight, after brushing teeth, we went to my son’s room and there was my husband standing with the huge E.T. in his hands.  Jason ran in the room and yelled E.T!  Then he tackled the stuffed doll and kisses and hugged the poor creature 🙂  Too cute!

Even though Jason has never seen the film, he loves E.T!  Some things will always be in style; and in this house it seems one of those things will be a little alien named E.T!

Until next time…


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