Monthly Archives: April 2011


Phew!  What a long haul that was!  I finally finished knitting 2 sets of leg warmers and crocheting 2 hats for my cousins.  Took me a long time but I think they turned out nice.  I made the leg warmers to look sorta 80’s-ish with bands of purl stitches in the stockinette stitch.  Crocheted hearts added on last to make the look complete 🙂

Now I am taking a mini break for the holiday and will start some new projects after Easter.  Maybe some new designs, maybe some new products. Maybe delve into machine sewing a bit.  Keep checking out our Facebook page to see any new items and patterns that might be listed.

Hope you all have a happy and safe Easter weekend!

Until next time…


Post It Thursday

Too cute!

I follow a few blogs and one of them posted about this super cute dress for little girls.  Makes me want to make one 🙂  Crochet and sewing, sounds fun!

Manic Monday

Nothing too manic about today.  Just a normal Monday after a fantastic weekend.  Hope to get some great naps from my baby and get some work done.  I need to work on/hopefully finish leg warmers and get some flower clips made up.

Hope your Monday is not manic but very chill. 🙂

Until next time…