Monthly Archives: May 2011

New Products being rolled out

I have started a new project.  Well, several new projects.  I currently have a “Tea for Two” set I am working on and have the teapot complete and working on the cups.  I’ve also started making some cute felt foods.  I started relatively small, a cookie, then made a cinnamon roll.  Both were easy; I had patterns to follow.  My latest creation was all my own design.  A yummy slice of watermelon.  Just perfect, nice pink inside, beautiful green outside 🙂 See my pics below.

 Do you have any favorite foods you’d like to see made up?  Just comment below 🙂


Wordless Wednesday

There is just something about the way he sits on his feet that gets me every time 🙂

He really is only 21 months old; not that you would know it to look at him ><