I’m back!

Hey gang!  I know its been a while; who am I kidding, its been a long time! But I am finally back!  I’ve been very busy around here with my son and being sick and tired pregnant with #2.  Things are finally looking up and I should be able to start blogging again.  πŸ™‚

I have been busy in the crafting arena too.  I’ve been designing a few new hats, modifying some patterns and listing some things for sale on both Etsy and Facebook.  Definitely check it out!

We found out today our little #2 is…. a GIRL!  Exciting and crazy!  Now the hard part, finding the perfect name!  I’ll keep you all posted as time goes on and as we near D Day for this little one.  I hope to make her some cute things; she is going to be a February baby so at least she will have appropriate weather for all the crochet and knit things I’d like to make. πŸ™‚

Sorry its been so long and I will try to do better about communicating with all of you in the future.  I would like to post some different things this quarter; cool recipes, sweet finds, cute pics, and new item photos.  For now, I will leave you with these:

ankles crossed like a proper lady πŸ™‚

She had her hands together like she was praying, so cute!

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