Funny Little Guy

How on Earth do kids come up with some of the stuff they say?  Here are a few snippets of conversations that happened in my house today:

Me: Jason, what would you like to drink with lunch? Juice or water?

Jason: …. COKE!

Me: *sigh* Juice or water?…

Jason: *completely crestfallen* Juice…

I probably should have seen this coming as yesterday Jason stole his Daddy’s soda can and proceeded to guzzle the Diet Pepsi with reckless abandon.  Note to self: HIDE THE COKE! LOL


Little Stinker

Jason also surprised me today with this:

Jason: Mommy…. Mommy…. Mommy!

Me: Yes Jason?

Jason: Love you!


Did your littles do or say anything surprising or funny today?


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