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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends!  Hope you all weathered Sandy well enough. We were prepared to lose power but thankfully never did!  How did you fare? (If you are on the east coast that is)

My only WIP right now is a comfy cowl I’m trying to make. Its a simple seed stitch pattern but makes a wonderful texture in a bulky yarn.


I also discovered something wonderful and interesting today!  Thrumming. Makes crazy warm hats, mittens, and scarves. I might have to try soon. Here is a link if you are interested.

What are you crafting this fine day?



Pintastic Friday

Hey Guys! Sorry I missed our WIP Wednesday post.  I didn’t have anything new to post in that department just yet and I have been on a reading binge lately so I’m sorry. 😦

Here is the pintastic friday for this week!

1. Cardigan – I desperately want to make a cardigan or sweater coat for myself sometime soon and this one might fit the bill.

2. Truly Flat Ribbed Hat – Brilliant!

3. Spider Web – (this picture is about 2/3rds of the way down the page.  The pattern is found here.)

4. Effortless cowl – umm, yes please!

5. Yarn Ball Holder Idea – This is such a wonderful idea!  I need to go get an adorable pot now!  World Market trip? I think yes! 🙂


The weather is supposed to get really “interesting” later this weekend and early next week here so I may or may not be back next week as we may or may not have power for an extended period of time.  Hurricane Sandy might just turn our area (VIrginia) into soup.  Hope you guys are out of harms way and if not, then I hope you stay high and dry with power!  Good luck to all those East Coasters who will be affected by Terrible Sandy!



Finding Motivation

I’m fresh out, of motivation that is. I definitely have stuff I should be doing; finishing the Little Nut Hat pattern, writing other new patterns, cleaning my house… but somehow I am completely without motivation.

Only time can fix this problem, I think. Do you have any sure fire motivators? Do you just do it? Or do you find yourself at a slump like this and just let things work themselves out?

I’m attributing my lack of ummph on a lack of solid sleep and not exercising. The first I can’t really solve until my daughter decides to sleep through the night again; I think she’s growth spurting. The second problem gets remedied today since I start working out with my husband today after a two week sabbatical. A few years ago I injured my shoulder in some unknown way and two weeks ago I finally went to the orthopedic doctor who said I had bursitis with impingement. One cortisone shot in the shoulder and two weeks later I feel confident enough to start heavy exercise again. Here’s hoping for smooth sailing in the shoulder department!

Please share your slump breakers. I need all the help I can get!


Pintastic Friday – Kid Addition

Here is the Pinterest line up for the week.  I decided to go with pins that are for the kiddos.  Fun and cute stuff you can make for your littles.

1. Crochet Baby Slippers – cute little folded slippers

2. Knit Baby Slippers – These are the knit version of the slippers listed above.

3. Lego Blanket – for the Lego lovers

4. Owl Blanket – Adorable!

5. Owl Granny Square – using the above blanket as inspiration you can use this tutorial to make your own… slightly different version.

6. Bath Mitts – what kid doesn’t love some bathtime fun ?!


Did you find some fun or interesting pins this week?  Link up below!



Wordless Wednesday

I’m skipping WIP Wednesday since I’m still working on the Little Nut Hat Pattern but I wanted to leave you with something for your Wednesday.  My son has found a recent love of all things Ninja Turtles.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of his Turtle shenanigans. Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

Even Ninja Turtles need to go potty!

Sleeping so good… you’d never suspect…

He has TURTLE POWER under his covers! 🙂 And E.T. just for good measure.