Finding Motivation

I’m fresh out, of motivation that is. I definitely have stuff I should be doing; finishing the Little Nut Hat pattern, writing other new patterns, cleaning my house… but somehow I am completely without motivation.

Only time can fix this problem, I think. Do you have any sure fire motivators? Do you just do it? Or do you find yourself at a slump like this and just let things work themselves out?

I’m attributing my lack of ummph on a lack of solid sleep and not exercising. The first I can’t really solve until my daughter decides to sleep through the night again; I think she’s growth spurting. The second problem gets remedied today since I start working out with my husband today after a two week sabbatical. A few years ago I injured my shoulder in some unknown way and two weeks ago I finally went to the orthopedic doctor who said I had bursitis with impingement. One cortisone shot in the shoulder and two weeks later I feel confident enough to start heavy exercise again. Here’s hoping for smooth sailing in the shoulder department!

Please share your slump breakers. I need all the help I can get!



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