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Another Completed Commission

This time it was actually for boys!  I was so excited to be making something that wasn’t all girlie in pinks and purples 🙂

My job was to make ear flap hats that looked like frogs rather than bears.  I already knew I wanted big bulging eyes, but other than that I wasn’t sure how to proceed.  Making the hat itself was simple enough.  I have had plenty of practice.  The embellishments were the stumpers.  I modified a hat pattern to be super small to make two half balls, or bowls if you will.  From there I added little safety eyes and some stuffing.  There, eyes done.  The nose was easy enough also.  Just a little “embroidery” and done…again.  The mouth gave me a little trouble.  I started with a large mouth but that ended up looking incredibly stupid and poorly done.  I tried about 3 different options before settling on a simple “V” in red.  I think it looks cute.  I only added the mouth to one of the hats to give both the boys the same feeling hat with subtle differences.

Ayden’s Frog Hat, as modeled by Jason
Sean’s Frog Hat, as modeled by Styrofoam Head 🙂