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I recently received a custom order for four hats from a nice lady I used to work with. She is having a baby boy and wanted some hats made for him and also a hat for his big sister too. Here is a peek at the delicious yarn I am using to make his hat and the work that has been done so far.



This yarn is from knitpicks. com and is
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Happy Monday!

Pintastic Friday – Double Edition

Hey Gang.  Sorry I’ve been so silent this week.  I have been working on some stuff and got a little carried away so I didn’t post like I should have been.  My apologies.  Here is a double edition of Pintastic Friday since I missed last week. We are still highlighting some quick and simple knit and crochet projects for the Christmas rush.  Hope you enjoy.

1. Tablet Cover While this is specifically designed for the Kindle you can modify it for any tablet.

2. Fingerless Mitts Actually named gloves, they are mitts as there are no finger holes, just the hand hole.

3. Hooded Scarf  All I can say is I want one and will someone make it for me?

4. Reversible Hat Great gender neutral hat!

5. Leg warmers Pickles has the best patterns.  These are so cute!

6. Toasty Scarf Again, gender neutral and very nice knit scarf.

7. Baby Slippers Using scant amounts of sock yarn, these are quick, easy, and cheap!

8. Adorable Flower This flower would make a great embellishment for a hat or stand alone as a brooch.

9. Headband Its a knotted headband, very cute and versatile.

10. Bow Scarf While this scarf is designed for Toddlers, you could easily adjust it to fit adults too!


That is it for this weeks round up.  Hope you like the picks.  If you make any of them please link up and let me see!  I love seeing projects, be it completed or in progress.

Until next time, stay warm and crafty!


Finding Motivation

I’m fresh out, of motivation that is. I definitely have stuff I should be doing; finishing the Little Nut Hat pattern, writing other new patterns, cleaning my house… but somehow I am completely without motivation.

Only time can fix this problem, I think. Do you have any sure fire motivators? Do you just do it? Or do you find yourself at a slump like this and just let things work themselves out?

I’m attributing my lack of ummph on a lack of solid sleep and not exercising. The first I can’t really solve until my daughter decides to sleep through the night again; I think she’s growth spurting. The second problem gets remedied today since I start working out with my husband today after a two week sabbatical. A few years ago I injured my shoulder in some unknown way and two weeks ago I finally went to the orthopedic doctor who said I had bursitis with impingement. One cortisone shot in the shoulder and two weeks later I feel confident enough to start heavy exercise again. Here’s hoping for smooth sailing in the shoulder department!

Please share your slump breakers. I need all the help I can get!