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Pintastic Friday – Double Edition

Hey Gang.  Sorry I’ve been so silent this week.  I have been working on some stuff and got a little carried away so I didn’t post like I should have been.  My apologies.  Here is a double edition of Pintastic Friday since I missed last week. We are still highlighting some quick and simple knit and crochet projects for the Christmas rush.  Hope you enjoy.

1. Tablet Cover While this is specifically designed for the Kindle you can modify it for any tablet.

2. Fingerless Mitts Actually named gloves, they are mitts as there are no finger holes, just the hand hole.

3. Hooded Scarf  All I can say is I want one and will someone make it for me?

4. Reversible Hat Great gender neutral hat!

5. Leg warmers Pickles has the best patterns.  These are so cute!

6. Toasty Scarf Again, gender neutral and very nice knit scarf.

7. Baby Slippers Using scant amounts of sock yarn, these are quick, easy, and cheap!

8. Adorable Flower This flower would make a great embellishment for a hat or stand alone as a brooch.

9. Headband Its a knotted headband, very cute and versatile.

10. Bow Scarf While this scarf is designed for Toddlers, you could easily adjust it to fit adults too!


That is it for this weeks round up.  Hope you like the picks.  If you make any of them please link up and let me see!  I love seeing projects, be it completed or in progress.

Until next time, stay warm and crafty!



Pintastic Friday

Hey Guys! Sorry I missed our WIP Wednesday post.  I didn’t have anything new to post in that department just yet and I have been on a reading binge lately so I’m sorry. 😦

Here is the pintastic friday for this week!

1. Cardigan – I desperately want to make a cardigan or sweater coat for myself sometime soon and this one might fit the bill.

2. Truly Flat Ribbed Hat – Brilliant!

3. Spider Web – (this picture is about 2/3rds of the way down the page.  The pattern is found here.)

4. Effortless cowl – umm, yes please!

5. Yarn Ball Holder Idea – This is such a wonderful idea!  I need to go get an adorable pot now!  World Market trip? I think yes! 🙂


The weather is supposed to get really “interesting” later this weekend and early next week here so I may or may not be back next week as we may or may not have power for an extended period of time.  Hurricane Sandy might just turn our area (VIrginia) into soup.  Hope you guys are out of harms way and if not, then I hope you stay high and dry with power!  Good luck to all those East Coasters who will be affected by Terrible Sandy!



Cute Find

Hey Guys.  Just wanted to share the cutest plates I found the other day in the dollar section of Target.

I am a sucker for divided plates.  I secretly, ok, not so secretly, hate my food touching.  While my son doesn’t seem to have this problem divided plates are too cute to pass up, especially these!  Like I said I found them in the Target dollar bins and there were only four different designs so I scooped them up!  Love!

I thought they were pretty adorable.  My son has been on a HUGE Halloween kick this year so these just add to the atmosphere of non stop Halloween discussions.  Between spiders, pumpkins and Halloween being screamed all the time I could use a little cute to go along with it.

Have you found any cute treasures lately?  Do share!


WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday

Today I am bringing you what I hope is my next written pattern.  The Little Nut Hat is a cute little fall hat, acorn style.  My first knitted pattern, it will feature seed stitch and stockinette.  It should have all sizes from 0-3 months to adult.  Pattern is being written as I can.  This first version may be altered but this should give you an idea of what I’m going for.  Hope you like 🙂

as you can clearly see it is definitely a WIP

What are you working on? Please share or link up in the comments below!

Funny Little Guy

How on Earth do kids come up with some of the stuff they say?  Here are a few snippets of conversations that happened in my house today:

Me: Jason, what would you like to drink with lunch? Juice or water?

Jason: …. COKE!

Me: *sigh* Juice or water?…

Jason: *completely crestfallen* Juice…

I probably should have seen this coming as yesterday Jason stole his Daddy’s soda can and proceeded to guzzle the Diet Pepsi with reckless abandon.  Note to self: HIDE THE COKE! LOL


Little Stinker

Jason also surprised me today with this:

Jason: Mommy…. Mommy…. Mommy!

Me: Yes Jason?

Jason: Love you!


Did your littles do or say anything surprising or funny today?