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Pintastic Friday – Saturday Edition

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you were able to snag some awesome Black Friday deals!  I snagged some new cloth diapers for my daughter and I am so excited to get them in!  My husband got an awesome deal on a handheld game system and we got a TV too!  What did you get?  Do you know of any good deals on Cyber Monday?  Do share!

In the mean time here are you links for this week.

1. Crochet Texting Gloves

2. Cloche

3. 5 Quickie Items

4.Cozy Neck Warmer

5. Diversify Knitted Cowl


Have you made any of the other pins from previous weeks? Please share!




Pintastic Friday

Hey Guys! Sorry I missed our WIP Wednesday post.  I didn’t have anything new to post in that department just yet and I have been on a reading binge lately so I’m sorry. 😦

Here is the pintastic friday for this week!

1. Cardigan – I desperately want to make a cardigan or sweater coat for myself sometime soon and this one might fit the bill.

2. Truly Flat Ribbed Hat – Brilliant!

3. Spider Web – (this picture is about 2/3rds of the way down the page.  The pattern is found here.)

4. Effortless cowl – umm, yes please!

5. Yarn Ball Holder Idea – This is such a wonderful idea!  I need to go get an adorable pot now!  World Market trip? I think yes! 🙂


The weather is supposed to get really “interesting” later this weekend and early next week here so I may or may not be back next week as we may or may not have power for an extended period of time.  Hurricane Sandy might just turn our area (VIrginia) into soup.  Hope you guys are out of harms way and if not, then I hope you stay high and dry with power!  Good luck to all those East Coasters who will be affected by Terrible Sandy!



Pintastic Friday – Kid Addition

Here is the Pinterest line up for the week.  I decided to go with pins that are for the kiddos.  Fun and cute stuff you can make for your littles.

1. Crochet Baby Slippers – cute little folded slippers

2. Knit Baby Slippers – These are the knit version of the slippers listed above.

3. Lego Blanket – for the Lego lovers

4. Owl Blanket – Adorable!

5. Owl Granny Square – using the above blanket as inspiration you can use this tutorial to make your own… slightly different version.

6. Bath Mitts – what kid doesn’t love some bathtime fun ?!


Did you find some fun or interesting pins this week?  Link up below!



Pintastic Friday Knit Addition

Hey Gang.  Its Friday again and that means its time to link up my best pins from the last week.  As promised this week will be dedicated to all things knitting.  Here we go!

1. Cute Candy Corn – adding a little festive pin in here and there 🙂

2. Seaming Tutorial – great tutorial on how to seam the sleeve cap

3. Beautiful two tone cowl pattern – I am such a sucker for a beautiful cowl

4. Ava Tunic Pattern – I dont generally knit my children articles of clothing, but this one may just have to be an exception.  Adorable!

5.Red Scarf – this scarf is gorgeous! The pattern is at the bottom of the page.  Link up pics if you do this one!


Did you find any gems on Pinterest this week?  Link up below and show me your great pins from the week!



Pintastic Friday

Here is the best of the best crochet and knit pins from me this week:


1. Rainbow Granny Hat Tutorial

2. Lovely Crochet Pillows

3. Delicious Cowl

4. Daisy Granny 

5. Jogless Crochet Stripes


I love all of these for different reasons.  Mainly they are awesome inspiration for stuff I’ve had building in the back of my head as projects and patterns.  Plus some of the tutorials are great for making your work look more polished and clean.

Do you have any awesome pins from this week you’d like to link up?  Some work you’d like to share on this blog? Just comment below and I will try to add your project/items to the list next week.