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Pintastic Friday – Double Edition

Hey Gang.  Sorry I’ve been so silent this week.  I have been working on some stuff and got a little carried away so I didn’t post like I should have been.  My apologies.  Here is a double edition of Pintastic Friday since I missed last week. We are still highlighting some quick and simple knit and crochet projects for the Christmas rush.  Hope you enjoy.

1. Tablet Cover While this is specifically designed for the Kindle you can modify it for any tablet.

2. Fingerless Mitts Actually named gloves, they are mitts as there are no finger holes, just the hand hole.

3. Hooded Scarf  All I can say is I want one and will someone make it for me?

4. Reversible Hat Great gender neutral hat!

5. Leg warmers Pickles has the best patterns.  These are so cute!

6. Toasty Scarf Again, gender neutral and very nice knit scarf.

7. Baby Slippers Using scant amounts of sock yarn, these are quick, easy, and cheap!

8. Adorable Flower This flower would make a great embellishment for a hat or stand alone as a brooch.

9. Headband Its a knotted headband, very cute and versatile.

10. Bow Scarf While this scarf is designed for Toddlers, you could easily adjust it to fit adults too!


That is it for this weeks round up.  Hope you like the picks.  If you make any of them please link up and let me see!  I love seeing projects, be it completed or in progress.

Until next time, stay warm and crafty!



Pintastic Friday – Kid Addition

Here is the Pinterest line up for the week.  I decided to go with pins that are for the kiddos.  Fun and cute stuff you can make for your littles.

1. Crochet Baby Slippers – cute little folded slippers

2. Knit Baby Slippers – These are the knit version of the slippers listed above.

3. Lego Blanket – for the Lego lovers

4. Owl Blanket – Adorable!

5. Owl Granny Square – using the above blanket as inspiration you can use this tutorial to make your own… slightly different version.

6. Bath Mitts – what kid doesn’t love some bathtime fun ?!


Did you find some fun or interesting pins this week?  Link up below!



Cute Find

Hey Guys.  Just wanted to share the cutest plates I found the other day in the dollar section of Target.

I am a sucker for divided plates.  I secretly, ok, not so secretly, hate my food touching.  While my son doesn’t seem to have this problem divided plates are too cute to pass up, especially these!  Like I said I found them in the Target dollar bins and there were only four different designs so I scooped them up!  Love!

I thought they were pretty adorable.  My son has been on a HUGE Halloween kick this year so these just add to the atmosphere of non stop Halloween discussions.  Between spiders, pumpkins and Halloween being screamed all the time I could use a little cute to go along with it.

Have you found any cute treasures lately?  Do share!


Easy Tortilla Pizza

Today I want to share with you a little recipe I created for my pizza crazy son.  I like to include him in as many choices as possible to try to avoid power struggles, and while this doesn’t always work it helps a bit.

Recently, Jason has been asking for pizza… like every day!  I think this spawns from his joy of cooking.  He is allowed to help make pizza whenever we have it.  If I make something that isn’t conducive to preschool helpers, he has to have his own pot, spoon or utensil and water with something in it(uncooked pasta or rice with food coloring).  He stirs and stirs just loving being involved and “helping”.

Jason cooking in his pretend kitchen.

So since he loved pizza so much I thought I should come up with an easy DIY that is cheap and fun for the littles  to help with.

Tortilla Pizza:

1 Tortilla shell

2 tbsp pizza sauce

a few handfuls of shredded mozzarella cheese

Assemble tortilla shell with pizza sauce and add cheese or any other toppings the little one would enjoy.  Put in the toaster oven or regular oven on a cookie sheet for a bout 5 minutes or until the edges seem crispy.  Remove from oven, slice and serve.

Blow on it, its hot!


It is a super simple yet highly enjoyable eat for my little guy.  Hopefully your littles will like it too!  Do you have any super awesome little tyke friendly lunches/dinners you would like to share?  Link up or leave me a comment.  I love new ideas and things to try!